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This calculator gives you an estimate of the EMI you have to pay on taking SBI gold loans. You can avail this loan from SBI on the basis of the following factors:

  • Purity of gold: According to the standards set by SBI, the purity of your gold should be of 18 to 24 carats. The weight of stones and gems will be reduced from the total weight.
  • Price of gold: After the estimation of the purity and net weight of your jewellery, it will be multiplied with the price of gold and the value of gold will thus be calculated.
  • Loan to value ratio: After the evaluation of the jewellery, a loan to value of up to 75% will be applied to calculate the loan amount eligibility.

SBI Gold Loan Per Gram Eligibility

To get approval for a gold loan from SBI, there are certain eligibility criteria you have to meet. These are mentioned below:

  • Minimum age of 21 years when applying for the loan.
  • Needs to have a steady source of income.

Documents required:

  • Two copies of photographs
  • Proof of Identity with proof of Address
  • Witness Letter (for illiterate borrowers)

Frequently Asked Questions about Gold Loan EMI

How is EMI calculated for a gold loan?

The gold loan eligibility is calculated based on a few factors. One of these includes the current average price per 10 gram, which will help banks calculate how much one can borrow for their purchase. Once the maximum amount of loan is ascertained, an equated monthly EMI is derived upon using interest rates and the tenure of the loan.

Is Gold loan a good option?

If you consider repaying your gold loan next year, then a gold loan is best for you. But if it will take up to five years of repayment installments, then personal loans may be better suited to suit your needs.

How is the gold price calculated?

The price of Gold depends on its quality, purity, and location. Higher the karats of Gold higher the prices. Final Gold Jewellery Price = Gold Rate x Weight of Gold (gms) + Making Charges + GST (Jewellery Price + Making Charges)

What happens if the gold loan is not paid?

Bank takes the custody of Gold in exchange for money. However, if someone fails to repay the gold loan, then the Gold which the bank keeps will be auctioned by the bank at risk and the cost of the borrower.

What are gold appraiser charges in SBI?

The banks charge gold appraiser charges for evaluating the value of Gold to be mortgaged by you to the bank via an impaneled valuer.

What is a 916 gold?

916 gold is nothing but 22KT Gold. The number '916' is used to mark the purity of Gold in the final jewelry, which implies 91.6 grams of pure Gold in 100 grams of alloy.

Can we extend the Gold loan?

Gold loan is a short-term facility of 1 year. But, if one needs to extend the loan, the bank can do so by mutual agreement of T&C on prior request.

What happens to gold loans after death?

If a borrower dies during the gold loan tenure, the borrower's nominee can claim the Gold mortgaged by paying all the outstanding dues to the lending institution or bank.

What is the gold loan process?

The process is simple; the person has to take the gold article to pledge and visit the bank or the lender with the required documents. Then the bank or the lender will do the purity checks of the Gold and weigh it, and after based on that, he will evaluate the market price, and once everything is done, documents are verified, then the lender or the bank will approve the loan.

Is a gold loan a mortgage?

Yes, Gold Loan is a Mortgage. Gold loans have been an alternative to home mortgages for people who don't qualify. Instead of using their property as collateral, they can use gold jewelry or other valuables. For some time now, more and more individuals are opting for this type of loan instead of a traditional mortgage because the monthly payments tend to be lower than what you would pay on a fixed-rate one - but it's not without its risks: If prices drop substantially then your investment is worth much less and could lead you into bankruptcy if lenders call in debt before the maturity date.

What is the rate of the gold loan per gram in SBI?

SBI offers a gold loan at a rate of INR 4,200 to INR 4,800 per gram, with the highest loan to value of 75% for 22KT jewelry.

How can I get a gold loan from SBI?

Applying for Gold Loan with SBI is easy and fast too! Simply give them a miss call on 7208933143, or SMS Gold to 7208933145. They'll be happy to help you secure it up in just minutes. Gold Loans at SBI start from INR 25,000 up to a maximum amount of INR 50,00,000.

Is Gold Loan safe in SBI?

Gold ornaments/jewelry provided as collateral are returned when the loan is fully paid off, including interest along with the principal amount and any other charges as there might be. When the loan is still active, your Gold is secured with India's largest nationalized bank, SBI.

How is the gold loan calculated?

Gold loans are generally 75% of the value of the Gold offered as security. Calculating the EMI of a Gold Loan is straightforward. Simply click here and enter information like Loan Amount, Interest Rate, and Tenure of the loan to know your monthly installments quickly and overall interest being paid to the bank for the entire tenure of the loan.

Is Gold Loan Safe?

Gold loans are an excellent opportunity for people who need short-term liquidity. A Gold Loan is a secured loan against the actual Gold in an asset kept as collateral security. Gold loans provided by banks such as SBI and other financial institutions are safer than unorganized lenders.

How much is a gold loan per gram in Muthoot?

Muthoot offers one of India's best gold loan rates, with a range of 2,500 to 3555 per gram. Today's highest rate is ₹3255 for 22KT jewelry calculated at 75% LTV, and an average price over 30 days this year was 4,527 rupees per gram for 22 karat jewelry.

What documents are required for a gold loan?

When you need a gold loan, how do you know what documents are needed to get the ball rolling? The first step is proving your identity with one document from this list: PAN card or Aadhaar Card. Then it's time for proof that shows where we live- so any address listed on these may suffice as long as they don't expire and show us living there! Lastly, some photo identification must be presented because banks want to make sure their customers can prove who they say they are before lending them money.

Is a gold loan a term loan?

Yes, since gold loans are provided on an installment/EMI basis for a tenure ranging from 1 month to 60 months, it can be called a term loan.

How much is a gold loan per gram in Manappuram?

Manappuram offers a gold loan with the latest rates of ₹ 3,124 per gram. The highest Manappuram Gold Loan Rate is calculated at 100% LTV, and that's for 22KT jewelry.

Is a gold loan cheaper than a personal loan?

It is reasonable to think that a gold loan would be the most economical choice, considering you borrow money secured by an asset. The cost of interest on a personal loan starts at 9.25% and can vary depending on your credit score. However, it's essential not just to find out what will work for today but also in the future!

Why are gold coins not accepted for gold loans?

In its recent statement, RBI said, "The risks of granting advances against specially minted gold coins versus those relating to issuing banknotes. Therefore, the guidelines regarding restrictions on grant of advance are important, and any such risk should be carefully considered before proceeding with an agreement."

Is it safe to keep Gold in Muthoot Finance?

It is safe to keep Gold in Muthoot Finance. Secure storage facilities usually offer insurance on the Gold stored within them. This way, if theft occurs - or if there's any environmental damage - your precious metal will be insured and compensated with monetary funds so that what you own is still worth what you own when they're stolen or damaged. There are also "insurance companies" (they're more correctly called title companies) who will ensure your investment for a small annual premium.

Who is eligible for a gold loan?

You must meet the qualifications of being between 21 and 70 years old while also having an income stream, either by farming, trading, active employment, or self-employed activities.

What are the benefits of a gold loan?

Gold loans can help you accumulate wealth for the future. Gold loans are typically used to finance a project or buy an expensive item. The Gold is pawned and expected back later, which can be repaid along with the interest amount agreed upon. Interest rates on the gold loan are usually lower than personal loans since gold loans are asset-backed. The interest rate of a Gold Loan depends on credit history, collateral, duration of the term, and other factors like bank charges, currency fluctuations, etc.

How is the gold loan repaid?

Gold loans are a great way to borrow money. You don't have to sell any of your gold ornaments to get the loan, and you can pay back as little as an interest-only payment for some months before finally paying off all the principal at the maturity date!

Can we renew the gold loan?

If you're a regular borrower and want to renew your gold loan for the same terms, you should apply at least three months before your current term expires. While most lenders will offer renewal options, they can refuse an application if there are any outstanding debts or credit issues on their records.

Which banks are giving gold loans?

Private Banks offering Gold Loans Private Sector banks provide various interest rates and repayment schemes. For example, the HDFC Bank offers 9.50% Bullet Repayment or an Overdraft of Yes bank, which is at a rate of 9.99%. You can also choose the ICICI Bank for 10%, but only on their EMI Scheme with a 19.76% rate per year; Federal has 8-11%.

What is SBI Liquid Gold Loan?

The perfect loan for you if your future is as bright as Gold! Liquid Gold Loan offers a 25% bullet repayment with monthly interest, or the 35% repaying flexible Gold Loans.

Is moratorium applicable for gold loans?

Gold Loan Moratorium! If you need a break from paying your loans, then this is the perfect opportunity. You'll be able to defer payments for three months and pay them later interest by simply asking for a moratorium option on gold loan services today.

What is the rate of the gold loan per gram in Icici Bank?

The ICICI Bank is the most trusted gold loan provider in India. The highest rate today for a 22-carat jewelry installment with a maximum LTV of 75% and an average price over the last 30 days, starting from 2021 to now, has been 3109 rupees per gram.

What is an SBI Gold repayment loan?

SBI has a flexible loan scheme for those who want to prepay the full loan amount before the tenure, as interest will be charged only on that period.

Which bank is the best for a gold loan?

Almost all banks in India are authorized to extend the gold loan. The terms and conditions vary from bank to bank, but most offer low-interest rates than a personal loan.

Can we pay Gold Loan Online?

You can do this in a matter of minutes! Moreover, you can make payments yourself with the Gold Loan online payment scheme without any extra fees.

Is gold loan affect cibil score?

Gold Loans can help build your credit history/Cibil score. The reason that you want to pay back any loans as soon as possible has something to do with how it affects your credit rating (Cibil scores). You see, if you opt for a Gold Loan and then promptly make good on all of its payments according to schedule or ahead of time, this positive repayment behavior gets reported both inside lending institutions records as well as credit rating agencies where such reportings have been made mandatory for all banks and financial institutions by RBI.

How is the gold price calculated?

Gold jewelry pricing is calculated based on the spot gold price. It's important to note that gold prices constantly fluctuate and do not necessarily stay static for an extended period. Gold has a more liquid market than almost any other metal or object in the world. The precise figure can vary widely depending on the type of Gold you're buying, whether it's new or used, as well as its current value at different rates around the world. Let's say you want to buy a 22KT gold chain that weighs 5gms and the per gram rate of 22KT Gold is INR 4,000, then the total cost of the gold chain would be (5gms*4,000/gm)+Making Charges(INR 400/GM) = INR 22,000. *Please note Making charges might change from jeweler to jeweler.

Can banks auction gold loans?

If you miss your payment deadline with the bank, they can sell off all of your precious Gold for themselves.

Which loan is the best, Gold or personal?

Personal loans are substantially more expensive than gold loans. The interest rates on a personal loan are usually much higher than that on a gold loan, and this makes the difference in monthly payments quite substantial over time, with annual percentage rates (APR) sometimes as high as 24%. Personal loans must be avoided, but if you do have to take one out, make sure it's through an established company. And never sign up for payday or cash advance loans - they'll cost you far too much in interest.

Which bank gives the highest value for gold loans?

SBI is undoubtedly one of the best banks in India for Gold Loans because of the low-interest rates and higher LTV ( Loan-to-value) against Gold.

Why do people prefer gold loans?

Gold loans are the perfect solution for those who have a temporary cash crunch. You can get a loan quickly with minimum paperwork, and your lender won't worry about credit scores or anything like that; they're just happy to take care of you as long as their Gold is real!

What are the types of gold loans?

Usually, there are three types of gold loans – Gold Loan, Liquid Gold Loan, Bullet Repayment Gold Loans. The repayment tenures for each class are different: the loan period is up to 36 months with a monthly installment plan and annual interest rate; it's 18-month tenure plans and an effective APR (annual percentage rate) that can be as low as 3%!

Is Gold considered as collateral?

It's no surprise that Gold is a highly sought-after, high-quality asset. It has been used as collateral for years, and today you can even borrow it or lend it if you need to.

Can I borrow against gold bullion?

Loan against your Gold coins, bars, or rounds? You can put away the bullion without selling it, using the cash to take a more significant position in another asset class or for any of life's needs.

Why is a home loan cheaper than a gold loan?

A home loan is usually backed by an interest subsidy provided by the Government - an initiative by GOI to help Indians own a home. Whereas no such subsidy is available on Gold loans, and hence Home loans are cheaper than Gold loans.